Wissal Dadi

Wissal Dadi is the Senior Interior Designer at Tanya Collins Design.  She was born and raised in Morocco receiving her Bachelor of Interior Design degree in Casablanca in 2012.  To deepen her knowledge, Wissal moved to France at the age of 20 to complete a Master’s degree in Global Design from Condé Lyon in 2014.  Following that degree, she also graduated from Ecole Cread Lyon with a Master’s Degree as an Interior Architect and Global Designer in 2016.  

Wissal has had the chance to explore many aspects of design during her work experiences in France and Morroco and has collaborated on many commercial and residential projects while working in Paris, France. This allowed her to build a strong creative and managerial approach in order to deliver projects with maximum creativity and innovation.  She strives to create unique solutions to design problems that are functional and beautiful. Wissal is inspired by travels to new places, discovering what makes those spaces interesting.  She finds joy in every stage of the design process, from sketching and brand development to materials selection and finished renderings.

Mikaela Uggeldahl

Mikaela Uggeldahl is the Junior Interior Designer at Tanya Collins Design. With her education in the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Algonquin College and her internship with Tanya Collins Design, she is well equipped to help clients with material selections, interior layouts, and technical drawings that will make any space come to life.  She loves exploring different design styles and working with clients’ personal and unique tastes to really make their vision become a reality.  Mikaela believes interior design has the power to shape our daily lives and improve our moods as we work and live in these interior environments every day.  Having lived in Ottawa her whole life, she finds joy in working with our team to help those in the community settle into their space and feel excited to call their house a home. 

Amy Osborne

Amy Osborne is the Administrator and Project Manager for Tanya Collins Design. Following her studies of English with Athabasca University, Amy was added to the team as a liaison between designers, clients, and contacts. Though her strength may be words, years of experience in administration and client service have expanded her ability to build relationships based on mutual understanding, as well as enabled her to connect with everyone she meets. Amy has found in her professional experiences that creating a space that is organized for both clients and the team she works with is fundamental to the flow of day-to-day work, as well as in fostering and maintaining a positive, professional environment for all involved. Working with the interior design team at Tanya Collins Design, Amy is now able to facilitate the creative journey that is turning a house into a home.