Do you wish your home looked, flowed and functioned like any of the portfolios we feature? Do you require Tanya’s detailed and expert eye to make sure your vision is realized? Residential service includes everything from consults at the client’s home or preferred location, project management via site visits and regular communication with the contractor, permit ready drawings with ceiling reflection/lighting plan, 2D floor plans, finish carpentry and millwork details, elevations referencing ceiling or wall treatments and mouldings, 3D renders to envision the proposed concept, material, lighting, furniture and art selection, engineering services, and styling.   After the initial appointment, consults, meetings, and site visits are billed at $200/hr + HST, drafts-work/CAD drawings at $150/hr + HST, and all other in-office work such as reviewing plans, coordinating the project, sourcing product and communication via email or phone is billed at $200/hr + HST in 15 minute increments.  Trade discounts typically up to 20% will be passed along to clients where applicable on any products purchased.


Tanya has lived in a contemporary townhouse by Routeburn Urban Developments with "dramatic three storey top-lit atrium with mezzaine rooms on the upper floors that overlook the atrium and the living level below".  She now resides in a 1910 two and half storey brick Edwardian that she completely renovated in order to raise her family.   She understands well the details required for both styles of dwelling.  Whether a project is modern or traditional, bohemian or glamorous, she applies her signature approach; maximimzing function, flow and light while balancing classic sophistication wtih modern simplicity.   For example, contemporary style can often lack warmth and comfort tending to date quickly while traditional style can lack freshness, simplicity, and flow.  Tanya aims to find harmony in all of her projects through careful analysis of the interior spaces and architecture, selection of finishes and furnishings.  She prefers a timeless aesthetic with a focus on getting the bones right first.  The interior design impacts how a home can be furnished, the sight lines, the focal points, the light, the flow and the function of the space.  Since the planning is the most important stage of any project, leave the creativity and design expertise to a reputable design studio to acheive the best results!  A beautiful well-planned home environment is priceless.  To start the process, schedule an initial consult HERE.  


Note: you are not required to engage Tanya for a set number of hours, nor pay a monthly retainer fee, nor use her referred contractors (who you deal with independently and directly for payment) however it is strongly recommended that you engage her team throughout your project for a more efficient process, cost-effective project, and beautiful end result.  Let our experienced team with strengths covering all the technical and creative aspects of the process provide you with the best quality results!