Do you wish your home looked, flowed and functioned like any of the portfolios we feature? Do you require our detailed vision and expert eye to make sure your ideas come to life? We offer a range of service options depending on the scope of your project and your needs.  


We offer full service residential design which is a flat rate package for the drawings based upon the scope of work, requiring a retainer.  It also includes an estimate for design fees over and above the flat rate fee for drawings which is billed monthly.  Monthly design fees will vary from the estimate based upon a client's needs and their decisiveness as they go through the process. The design fees and process is broken down into three phases: architectural planning, interior design and decorating.  For further details on this, click on FULL SERVICE RESIDENTIAL.  In order to maintain quality, we prioritize full service projects over all others however we do take on projects that require only one or two of the three phases in the process, such as the interior design or decorating only.  In those projects with a smaller scope, we bill hourly as opposed to providing a flat rate fee as part of a contract.  Fees are representative of our designers' level of experience, knowledge and efficiency as per the following fee structure:


Initial on-site meetings or in-person consults: $250/hr + HST  for our lead designer and creative director, Tanya Collins, $200/hr + HST for our senior designer, $150/hr + HST for our junior designer

All in-office design work such as conceptual design, reviewing plans and options, coordinating, sourcing product and communication via email or phone: Billed in 15 minutes, $200/hr for our lead & senior designer and $150/hr + HST for our junior designer

Drafts work, rendering and on-site visits for our technician to measure: $150/hr + HST

Trade discounts up to 20% will be passed along to clients where applicable on materials or furniture purchased by our studio.



For those requiring VIRTUAL DESIGN - 1 ROOM PACAKGE or a ONE TIME 1 HOUR or 2 HOUR CONSULTATION, click on the virtual design services tab.  


What sets us apart, aside from our detailed and discerning eye, is that our studio has a broad range not confined to a singular aesthetic.  Our selections are tailored to our client's preferences and lifestyle while respecting the home's architecture and location. This client-centered approach ensures a more evolved, luxurious, and personalized interior, making the process and end result rewarding while allowing our studio to expand creatively.  We understand the design details required on both ends of the continuum from classic to contemporary.  We aim to find harmony in all of our projects through careful analysis of the interior spaces and architecture and through our intuitive selection of finishes and furnishings.  We do not expect nor require our clients to purchase only select designer items through our studio rather we draw from a wide range of sources that includes budget-friendly items that clients can purchase on their own behalf should they choose where applicable.  Across all of our projects no matter how diverse the style, there is a timeless quality to them.  We have a passion for making the architecture of a home and the interior spaces right first.  The design impacts how a home can be furnished, the sight lines, the focal points, the light, the flow and the function of the space.  Since the planning is the most important stage of any project, leave the creativity and design expertise to our reputable studio to acheive the best results!  A beautiful well-planned home environment is priceless.  To start the process, schedule an initial consult HERE.