Full-Service Process

Our full service design is a process that takes our clients from concept to completion based upon what they love and how they live, by having us take the lead.  We have developed a reputation for our vision and quality primarily with additions and large remodels in the central Ottawa neighborhoods of the Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Westboro, Alta Vista and New Edinburgh where you have likely seen one of our signs!  After receiving your inquiry by email on the contact page, we schedule an initial consult on-site where we measure and discuss the conceptual option(s) for your project.  If you have further questions beforehand, a free-of charge 15 minute discovery call is set up.  The initial meeting which can last up to 2 hours is not just a meet and greet or information gathering session but an opportunity for you to see our vision for your project at work.  We normally invite our technician to attend this meeting to start taking measurements.  Once we receive payment for the initial design consultation and on-site measurement billed at $400/hr + HST, we will follow-up with a quotation for the drawing package for the relevant phase(s) of the project as a flat fee.  A retainer is paid before any phase of the drawings commences with the final balance due before the final presentation meeting.  We invite our clients to log in to our studio to share their inspiration images or any photos that are relevant to their project.  This is where all documents will be shared and stored and messages and notes will be exchanged for collaboration.    


Phase 1 - Architectectural Design

This phase focuses on taking more detailed measurements on-site (if needed) and further concept development in order to prepare BCIN stamped permit ready drawings.  An interior 3D video without finishes is also rendered to help our client visualize the 2D plan and the interior spaces.  Once we have a proposed draft that we are happy with, we schedule a meeting to explain the concept for approval.  After presentation, these plans will be visible in the studio for further review.  Up to 2 revisions are permitted without additional drafting fees charged over and above the quoted flat fee.  Once the proposed plan becomes final and is approved, construction notes are added to the drawing package and we procure the permit from the city of Ottawa.  Engineering reports, grading plans or surveys will be coordinated by us but will be billed over and above our drawing fees, not unlike the permit application fees. The approach we prefer to take is one that blends the new architecture as seamlessly as possible with the old, assuming the existing architecture is redeeming or certain elements are worth salvaging.  We prefer to be respectful to the history, architectural style and location of an existing home, choosing either to simplify or embellish it by varying materials, trim details or altering window and/or door size and style when we design additions or reconstruct existing homes.  Once the plans are submitted to the city and our clients are awaiting the building permit, we refer one of our trusted contractors who we think will be a good fit to begin the quoting process for the renovation of which our client deals with directly and independently of our design studio.  Our clients do not necessarily have to engage one of our referring contractors but we recommend it for a more seamless process requiring less project management on our part during Phase 3.  Design fees over and above the drawings for each phase are billed monthly at $200/hr + HST in 15 minute increments.  


Phase 2 - Interior Design

This phase is focused on further development of the architectural plans with interior design details.  If our clients are working with an architect or builder say for a new build, we ask that the CAD file or any dimensioned floor plans be shared.  This phase includes drafting elevations with dimensions for any millwork such as found in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, library or mudroom and for any features like fireplaces, walls and ceilings.  This phase also includes a lighting plan, a finish schedule of specifications for the renovation and interior 3D renders to help our client visualize the interior space.  It is at this time that meetings at showrooms are scheduled with our clients to preview and/or select a range of finishes.  After all the details from the appliances and plumbing fixtures, down to the grout colors and cabinet hardware are approved, the package is sent off to the contractor or builder to finalize their quotation.  We often order some of the finishes like the decorative lighting, tiles, and some plumbing fixtures as our clients benefit from a trade discount up to 20% applied.  


Phase 3 - Project Management and/or Decoration

This phase is initiated when construction begins.  Ongoing communication with your contractor with site visits as needed ensures our vision comes together as planned and provides clarity to the trades.  It is during this phase that we start to work on your furniture selection and decor.  Moodboards and scaled furniture floor plans are created to present our vision for the furnishings, rugs, wallpaper, accessories, art and window coverings that best reflect our client's personality, lifestyle and inspirations as provided either during our early intake or after an initial in-home consultation to measure and determine requirements.  Once our client approves each item that we select, we take care of the ordering. Trade discounts up to 20% are applied on products where applicable.  When construction is complete and/or all products are ready and available, we coordinate the deliveries for installation to transform your spaces into a home.


The complete process is minimally 3 months and can take up to 12 months or more depending on the size and scope of the project.  To schedule an initial consult, please go to our contact page.