Do you require a vision for your project that includes architectural plans like permit ready drawings, millwork elevations, or 3D renders or do you wish to have technical help along the way as you manage your own project?  We provide BCIN stamped architectural plans for major renovations and additions with a ceiling reflection/lighting plan, 2D floor plans, elevations for millwork, cabinetry, ceiling or wall treatments, 3D renders to envision the proposed concept, engineering services, and procurement of the permit.  Service is billed at $150/hr + HST.   The complete drawing package is based upon the overall renovation budget estimated to be 5% of the project total.  We are typically half the cost of an architect.  Our smallest projects are around 4K for permit ready drawings and an additional fee of 2K for engineering, city fees and procurement of the permit.  


The approach we prefer to take is one that blends the new architecture as seamlessly as possible with the old, assuming the existing architecture is redeeming or certain elements are worth salvaging.  We prefer to be respectful to the history, architectural style and location of an existing home, choosing either to simplify or embellish it by varying materials, trim details and colours or altering window and/or door size and style when we design additions or reconstruct existing homes.   Most of our reconstruction work is located in central Ottawa in the neighborhoods of the Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Westboro, Alta Vista and New Edinborough.