This is a perfect option for those who wish to bounce their ideas off of an experienced designer as a one time service.  This is not suited to clients who require drawings, project management or ongoing communication and support via email, phone or text as we do not offer any advice beyond the 2 hour consultation.  We are happy to select interior and/or exterior paint color palettes, to work with some of your existing furniture pieces or art collections to create a new refreshed placement and layout, to review and make suggestions to kitchen and bathroom layouts, millwork plans, or building plans, to select drapery or hang art for a pleasing display.  An additional travel fee of $50 + HST applies for travel over 20 minutes drive from our central Ottawa office.  There are only so many slots set aside each month for this service so we recommend clients book well in advance to avoid disappointment. This is a pre-paid service.  


NEW BUILD @ $4999 + HST

This service is best suited to those clients who need selections and advice regarding their new build through a builder/tract home developer.   We do not provide drawings or a spreadsheet of finishes as the builder typically does in order to provide pricing for upgrades however it includes the following:

Review of structural plan and model floor plan if provided virtually or in person via meetings.  Suggestions will be made where applicable and with consideration of client budget.  

Review of millwork plans in order to customize or improve upon the design.  This entails meetings at the millwork supplier's showroom to also select cabinet style and color along with hardware

Review of lighting plans

Selection of all finishes down to the grout and paint colors for the whole home typically over the course of several meetings at the builder's design center

Selection of decorative lighting


Making less than ideal decisions will affect how you live in your home every day.  It’s all in the details after all! It will be the best use of your money you ever spent!  Check out our reviews page for kudos if you don't believe us.  To schedule, click BOOK.