I interviewed 6 different designers and she just blew me away. She walked into my home, looked at my living/dining room and make immediate suggestions. I have lived happily with my furniture for the past 18 years but she redesigned my layout (on the spot) and made significantly better furniture layout choices. She helped me to rearrange everything. I was very doubtful at first, but I couldn't believe the difference her suggestions made. And that wasn't even the reason I had consulted with her!

Tanya helped me to find a couch style which I liked (I'm very picky) and made suggestions that have completely altered how my rooms look.  In spite of the fact, I don't spend thousands and thousands on new purchases, Tanya treats my needs with as much interest and concern as a job which is worth much more. She has an incredible eye for detail, color, and textures.

- Marion

We are forever thankful for your sense of beauty, style, and elegance - we feel such peace, comfort, and contentment each day in our home because of you!

- Ariel Burns

I really appreciate how efficient and confident you are in the work you do.

- Kelly McKie

I was a bit nervous to have her (Tanya) over — we're in the burbs not Westboro or the Glebe, and the house is virtually void of furniture since our last home... Anyhow, I shouldn't have been because Tanya whirled her way right in and rolled up her sleeves. Immediately, she seemed to have a vision for how the whole main floor could play out. I just loved her! She had no pretensions about her and she clearly just loved her work so much. She was only here for two hours, but every minute was worthwhile.

- Julie Harrison

I can't praise you enough for your professionalism and ideas. You hit on all the points that Gurinder mentioned.

- Dr. Sandeep Dhesi

I haven’t stopped talking about how incredible your visit was last night! In less than 5 minutes, you had already jumped right into an action plan that was simply genius!! We absolutely love all the suggestions you made, but what is even more appreciated (if that’s possible!) is how you went about to make those suggestions : you worked with what we have and you totally understood our taste and made suggestion that respected it. My only regret is that I didn’t consult you sooner!

- Brigitte Cyr

Mark says you are a genius! Everyone loves it (great room). Thanks so much!

- Jean

You're a star!

- Cynthia Cusinoto

Everything is so beautiful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help! You were exactly right in choosing what would work for our tastes and lifestyle. I am now in love with our home again!

- Cynthia Sugars

Love it. The (custom-designed) day bed is fantastic! Tom, Sam, and I snuggled in and had an amazing chat and wow we absolutely love the day bed! So comfy and family oriented. Tom loves it! He suits it perfectly!!! How did you know? It’s perfect! You're fabulous! I'm so glad I trusted you with our house!

- Maggie

What would we do without you?! Your input has been invaluable.

- Ariel Burns

The very experienced carpenter commented today that he has done a lot of mud rooms and this is the best design he has seen! Congratulations and thank you!

- Michelle Ward

Hello Tanya, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated you coming over on Friday with your wonderful artistic advice for our condo space. I was feeling a little unsure about some of my ideas but you supported and added to them, giving me courage to take action and get on with things. Your energy revitalized mine and we now have a clear direction to follow and a plan in place. Thank you so very much for your time and expertise.

- Madeline

Your work is simply stunning and your web-site speaks to the degree of perfection you strive for in everything you work on. Love it love it love it.  You are Canada's Kelly Wearstler! 

- Sen-Mei Lim

I contacted Tanya after reading the reviews on Houzz.  Hiring her to help me with every single design aspect of the building of my new home was the single best decision I made this year! We worked together for several months, from the design of kitchen and bathroom layouts, to choosing all finishes (cabinets, countertops, faucets, trims and doors, flooring, fireplace, etc.), to selecting lighting for the whole house, to choosing furniture for every room of the house, including finishes and colours, to finding art and accent pieces.  Whether it is designing a brand new home, or redesigning an existing space, I now realize that working with a professional designer is an absolute must!  And Tanya could not have been a better choice, truly.  She brought her years of experience, her keen ability to understand her clients’ needs and preferences, and her exquisite eye for beauty, and made this project a true success.  Without her, I would have easily been overwhelmed with all the decisions which needed to be made in this massive undertaking.  Instead, I felt completely supported and expertly advised, enabling me to feel confident that the final product (my new house!) would be exactly what I was hoping.  In fact, the final product exceeds my expectations, and the outcome is a home that radiates timeless beauty and class (without breaking the bank, to boot!), which I never could have envisioned on my own.  Many - including myself - wrongly assume that hiring a designer is a luxury reserved for the wealthy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, through Tanya’s recommendations, I was able to save much more money than it cost me to have her by my side over the last several months, to guide me through every single choice I made.   I cannot recommend Tanya highly enough!

- Caroline Cyr

Sean and I are both so happy with the results and the whole experience surpassed our expectations!  Thanks Tanya!

- Isabelle