Storage Ideas

Check out the web-link to CTV Morning Live on Storage Ideas in case you missed it on Feb.18th.

Here are some tips that were discussed during the TV segment:

  1. Stretch a bookcase over a doorway - use every inch to maximize storage.
  2. Banquette seating with under seat drawer storage is not only useful as a spot to take off your shoes in a mudroom but the storage underneath can be useful for recycling boxes, boot storage, or sports equipment.
  3. Add shelves to create a bookcase to make a nook, too small to place furniture in, useful.
  4. Large baskets are useful for seasonal storage such as mitts and scarves especially in the upper portion portion of tall cabinetry built to the ceiling.
  5. Use left over retails boxes or card boxes to organize your desk drawer.  Pens can easily be separated from fasteners and other odd and ends.
  6. Coloured or patterned boxes add interest to built-ins that are otherwise neutral.
  7. Use all the same storage containers like Mason jars, glass baby food jars or clear plastic containers with labels to order pantry or workshop items.
  8. Recycle tissue boxes for plastic bags.