Random Musings

After attending a soul-stirring concert last night by Los Angeles based Jai-Jagdeesh, who is doing a cross Canada tour to share her album "I Am Thine", I was struck with awe even more than usual while driving home along the canal with the Bank Street bridge all lit up in the black of night, my window open to experience the stillness and freshness of the fall air and the visual feast of colourful leaves brightened by the beauty of the full moon (perhaps sounds like a bad Hallmark card), I felt such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratefulness at that moment that I just had to share this in writing in hopes that it might just brighten your day or lighten your load just a little in the midst of the chaotic lives we lead.  As a reminder to always stay true to myself, my personal mantra "Love is the power that guides my life" takes up prime real estate on my inspiration board in my office - let your passion direct you in your life.  It has great rewards…






Since it has been a while since I have blogged or connected with many of you personally, a quick update on the developments at Tanya Collins Design.  Having recently completed the interior design of a custom wheelchair accessible home with the help of a team at Minto Developments (photos to come soon in portfolio), I am now currently working on a large 2 storey residential addition in Westboro based upon plans that I generated with the help of my technical team, a 93 unit condominium complex called the Azure overlooking the Ottawa River and an 80 person upscale hip restaurant/lounge in Orleans.  Along with other smaller projects, I have been asked by the publisher, Dan Donovan, of Ottawa Life Magazine (OLM) to be the "fashionable and glamorous" cover girl for the March 2013 Homes/Spaces Issue not to mention act as the editorial lead for this edition.  It is the first of its kind for OLM - to be a glossy, 76 page, spinal bound issue.  As much as all of this at times is a lot to manage in terms of responsibility, the opportunities that I have been so graciously given are so exciting! 


With all this gratitude that I am feeling and the impending Thanksgiving holiday coming up next weekend, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest thanks to my residential and commercial clients, suppliers, my project coordinator, Shelley Cross, draftsman and design side kick, Chris Solar, structural engineer, Phil Trott, Ontario Building Code consultant, Renzo Cecchetto, my bookkeeper, Suzanne Ledbetter, my accountant, Doug Holiday, my corporate lawyer, Riccardo D'Angelo, the whole team at OLM, friends, and of course family for their amazing support.  Without every single one of you and even those who I have only had the pleasure of exchanging smiles with or known briefly, I would not be where I am today without you.  Wishing you only the best that life has to offer!


As a thank you to you and in keeping relevant to the industry that I work in, I am attaching a song by Jai-Jagdeesh - the lyrics of which are a mantra for protecting your home.  The English words as follows are played after a few Arabic choruses… 


"Angel Divine, Angel of mine
This humble prayer I offer at your feet
Keep this home safe and warm
All through the night
Hold your beloved children tight
All through the night, all through the night."




02 Satigur Kar Deenai 1.m4a Listen to this



Inspiration for posting this song came from the blog below - definitely has a yogic slant but the universality of the message can be imparted to all.  Listen while you read for all you multi-taskers out there ;)  Enjoy! T