Our Homes Magazine: Cover Photo/Feature Article

Check out this client project on the cover page of Our Homes Magazine Summer 2011/Anniversary Issue  "Charming Reno in Westboro" with feature article "From '40's to Fabulous".  The article was written by Andrea Tomkins and photography was done by Suzanne Bird.  

For a quick snap shot of the magazine spread you can view it at:


To read the full article, you can view the digital version of the magazine at the link below - article is featured on pages 22-26.   Excerpts from the article pertaining to Tanya Collins Design are as follows:

Following the advice of Tanya Collins, the main floor space was opened up to make full use of the space.  "Our initial vision was to just add on an extension to the space" says Ariel.  "If it wasn't for her vision we would have ended up with these tiny sectioned off rooms that we would have never used" she says.

The living room walls are filled with artwork pieces that Tom and Ariel had chosen prior to the renovation.  "I had gathered everything we had from before and asked Tanya what her thoughts were on the pieces." says Ariel.  "She grabbed her hammer and just went to town hanging them up.  It was amazing!" 

Ariel also credits Tanya with bringing together some pieces that were important to the couple.  A wooden cabinet that once belonged to Tom's great-grandparents displays flower artwork painted by Ariel's great grandmother.  These are just some of the thoughtful pieces that personalize their living room to make it truly their own.

From top to bottom Ariel and Tom managed to create plenty of open bright personable living space that despite the boost in square footage still maintains the home's 1940's charm. "We are absolutely thrilled with it" says Ariel.  "Renovating can be stressful but we had great help 'til the end.  When we began this process I don't know that we imagined we would be this satisfied at the end of it all."