Design of a Different Kind - The 2013 Lincoln MKZ

So how's this for an little "out of the box" interior design gig?  I was approached by a public relations firm, Thornley Fallis, to drive a Lincoln MKZ for a week in late August.  The experience landed me a television appearance on CTV Ottawa Morning Live to share my thoughts on the car specifically related to its design.  I was not paid to give any sort of opinion, positive or otherwise, so of course jumped at the chance to share my own thoughts (the whole freedom of speech thing and all), while getting to drive a vehicle other than my own for a week, and a luxury one at that.  Nope I do not profess to be a car expert, but when it comes to design and aesthetics, it didn't seem like that much of a stretch to comment on after all.    

I have to say what struck me the most was the panoramic sun roof (it practically spans the whole roof which makes it feel like you are driving a convertible without the messy hair thing that goes with that).  This feature in my mind is what differentiates this car from all others that I know of.  Not unlike any interior project that I am involved in, the feeling of space and light is highly critical to its success even if it is only an optical illusion.  Some people live in very small spaces where square footage is at premium however if the space is designed such that light can bounce around the room whether that be through higher ceilings, skylights, or extra ambient lighting, that home doesn't have to feel confining.  Lincoln has definitely embraced the optical illusion concept of space as the car interior is definitely light filled however there is not much physical headroom.  I am 5'9" and felt that I didn't have much space to spare which would mean that many people who are taller than me might feel at little constrained.

I loved the sporty feel as you sit low compared to the SUV that I drive, not to mention the unconventional instrument panel.  The transmission controls are set in a vertical column of buttons on the central console as opposed to the cluttered effect of a gear box- making for a sleek and minimal look that is for sure.  The seat materials were very elegant and refined all in leather but to be expected for a luxury brand.  I wonder if car manufacturers would ever consider offering more choices with respect to fabric selection? There are so many colours, textures and patterns available, it is hard to believe that the option does not exist to mainstream buyers to customize the material more than is usual.  How about velvet or mohair button tufted seats?  Perhaps not too practical sadly...

And lastly as much as I really like the modern simplicity of the charcoal grey MKZ that I drove, I would most likely buy this car in white platinum and choose the lighter interior because white as a colour is just elegant, classy, and in my mind, always works.  Perhaps too, I like white better than the black as an overall look as it is a little more feminine :)

Here is the link to the TV spot for those who are interested: