What would we do without you?! Your input has been invaluable.

- Ariel Burns

Mark says you are a genius! Everyone loves it (great room). Thanks so much!

- Jean

I interviewed 6 different designers and she just blew me away. She walked into my home, looked at my living/dining room and make immediate suggestions. I have lived happily with my furniture for the past 18 years but she redesigned my layout (on the spot) and made significantly better furniture layout choices. She helped me to rearrange everything. I was very doubtful at first, but I couldn't believe the difference her suggestions made. And that wasn't even the reason I had consulted with her!

Tanya helped me to find a couch style which I liked (I'm very picky) and made suggestions that have completely altered how my rooms look.  In spite of the fact, I don't spend thousands and thousands on new purchases, Tanya treats my needs with as much interest and concern as a job which is worth much more. She has an incredible eye for detail, color, and textures.

- Marion

I really appreciate how efficient and confident you are in the work you do.

- Kelly McKie

I can't praise you enough for your professionalism and ideas. You hit on all the points that Gurinder mentioned.

- Dr. Sandeep Dhesi

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